Summer Pop Up Market

We are excited to announce our Summer Pop Up Market.

We are excited to announce our Summer Pop Up Market.

What is a Summer Pop up Market? A unique outdoor shopping experience for not just the beach goer, but the seller as well!

Not only does this support the seller, they get to meet new life long customers like yourselves. They will have the opportunity to come and display their products any day of their choice, all throughout the summer season.

Here at Solé, we have always sought out ways to support and give back to our community. This is one of the ways we have come up with to continue to support and keep our small business community alive and thriving. In doing that, we offer flexibility and a new experience at this unique venue.

Having the opportunity to meet and work with small businesses, porch farmers, crafters, designers, bakers and driven individuals to Pop Up is something that is valued here at Solé and in Buffalo as a whole. Each year we have grown, working with more like minded businesses who want to bring their shop down to the beach and support a fellow local business like themselves.

Picture yourself taking a stroll with your feet in the sand, sun rays warming your skin and a light breeze in the air while you browse through all the talent that Buffalo has to offer. What could be better than that?! Come out and shop!


"I had the privilege of having my first-ever Vendor Pop-up at Sole at Woodlawn Beach. I did not know what to expect, as I had never done one before, so I was a bit nervous going into it. Not only was the application process very straightforward, but the communication upon acceptance was also wonderful. I knew exactly what to expect. From parking permits getting emailed over for the day of the pop-up, to detailed instructions on what was needed/expected. Everything was covered! Both Jennifer and Leanne were welcoming, helpful, and absolutely wonderful to work alongside. (The tips and tricks they passed along were the best!) you can see how much they love what they do! I left my first pop-up with so many things learned and with an excitement to return again! Thank you Sole at Woodlawn for providing such a beautiful venue, for building up the community, and for hosting fun events!" - Dawn, Sonder Laser Studios